domingo, 31 de maio de 2009

Medb Ruane: «Church power is incompatible with our modern democracy»

Na Irlanda, continua o escândalo do abuso sexual às mãos da «caridade» católica... e há muito quem não queira ouvir.
  • «A generation became 'abused out' while the commission sat. The stories were so harrowing and dark that some started speaking of "abuse fatigue", which was code for saying "don't tell us any more" or "let's keep foolin' ourselves" -- or even "tell them they don't want to hear and we might get away with it". (...)

    The heart of the story is the immense suffering of children in residential care managed by Catholic orders -- how they were treated as objects by sadists, and how those sadists were effectively protected by the religious orders and by the State's gross failure to challenge them.

    The abuse was possible because the orders and the residential homes were run like totalitarian states -- in a State which kept out because of respect for Catholicism and an absence of children's rights. Meanwhile, the orders were answerable only to the Vatican State, where democracy and accountability still don't feature. (...)» (Ler na íntegra.)